Industrial and Commercial Roof Renovation And Insulation

Walltite can be applied to asbestos, metal, aluminium and most other surfaces. Consequently its applications are many and varied. From roof and wall cladding to injection work. Walltite can be used to renovate, insulate and stop condensation and is widely used in industry, marine, petrochemical and agricultural environments. Please note that no drilling is necessary for asbestos sheets.


These foam systems, tried and tested worldwide over 15 years, have been widely used by Councils, Health Authorities, Banks, Industry and Public Companies and carry a 10 year guarantee. An application of Walltite rigid foam with a two coat solar reflective membrane to a roof, whatever the existing substrate, gives a seamless, watertight, hard Walltite Foam and Coating Systemwearing covering which will withstand normal foot traffic.

The fact that the foam is spray applied means that it is the best method to seal around trouble spots such as vents, upstands and drainage outlets etc.