Roof Repairs

At White Air we have years of experience working with roofs and insulation and over the years have come across many common roofing problems. We often find roofs constructed over 30 years ago suffer from damaged felts and broken tiles. Other common problems include rusting nails and perished back pointing. These problems all contribute to insulation and weatherproofing problems in the home.


Our years of experience has made us realise that insulation cannot be effective if the general roof structure is in disrepair so here at White Air we can help fix standard roofing problems. This work is always carried out by one of our highly experienced, knowledgeable team

Roof Repairs Service

Our roofing repair services begin with an initial inspection and we discuss the options with you before carrying out work. We pride ourselves on being able to work with any types of roof and can help protect your roof for many years to come. We offer very competitive rates on all roof repairs and repairs are often not as expensive as you might think.