Sprayed film as protection​ of the outside of the​ windows during facade renovation works

Spray Protection

Omniguard Spray Protection

After application, Omniguard dries to a durable, temporary, peel-off protection film. This film protects the entire windows until the end of the project, when this film is easily peeled off and removed.

Omniguard protects against damages caused by plaster and concrete works, grinding discs, etc. ​

Omniguard can be applied on glass windows with PVC and aluminium profiles, both in new and renovation projects, and is suitable for inside and outside applications. ​

By letting Omniguard dry with the windows slightly open, these windows can be used during construction works without damaging the protective film.

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What do we do ?

White Air, spray apply a special formula on onto:

This protects the covered items from scratches and general damage caused on active building sites. Omniguard can be left for up to two years before it has to be removed.

Spray Protection
Spray Protection
Spray Protection